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AgriChem's blog section is stocked full of information ready to help you manage and select the right dairy farming chemicals.  Our blog breaks down a range of topics we all sit at home and think about, why is this, what's the difference between?  Well getting to understand the correct chemicals for a range of farming techniques is right here! 

If you need any support please don't hesitate to contact us 

  • We just don't stop here at the AgriChem Store.

We just don't stop here at the AgriChem Store.

Place your orders 24hrs a day through your own personal tailored account at theagrichemstore.com.  Not only will we look at all the product lines you currently buy, we will tailor a package that is right for your business. Once agreed your account will be created and your core list will be loaded. No more searching through endless products so you can add them to your basket.

The AgriChem Store website product listing will be set only to the products that you want and only the ones the team will be able to see, which gives you complete control over what products are coming into your business and of course complete control over your costs.

Drop us a line and one of the team will be more than happy to call you at a time that suits your needs. email: sales@totalchemicalsolutions.co.uk


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