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  • Looking After Piglets - The Benefits of a Healthy Nursery

Looking After Piglets - The Benefits of a Healthy Nursery

Date: 28/04/17

A healthy nursery for piglets is important to their development and takes careful planning and management to ensure that all the correct stages are followed for the sake of the collective health of the pigs. This includes the setting up of the area, preparing facilities, environmental controls, and any equipment that will be used.

Kilco has the experience to support farms with advice, guidance and training both pre-nursery and during the management of a nursery. We understand how to safely and security set up the framework of biosecurity and to manage it effectively throughout the tenure of the piglets in your care. With the highest standards of hygiene expected, our products and services can help you limit the risk of disease entering the farm, spreading between animals or leaving the farm.

The nursery phase of weaning piglets is a very important part of their development into healthy adult pigs. Successful rearing of piglets is based on good management of health, quality nutrition, stringent biosecurity and effective farrowing management. Our biosecurity products and methods are at the vanguard of disease prevention and control and our range of DEFRA approved disinfectants are the perfect addition to any piglet nursery in terms of keeping everything to the highest standards of cleanliness as part of a daily routine.

Our team will be happy to discuss further if you require more information about any of our products or services relating to the healthy rearing of piglets.


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